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The electric scooter bike that everyone is talking about. With a top speed of 20 mph and a range up to 30 miles per charge, Scoot-E-Bike is a fun, unique way to get around the city. High profile celebrities like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Ray J, Chris Brown, actor Terrence J and Snoop Dogg all enjoy riding on their Scoot-E-Bikes. It’s 100% electric!

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Available at $1,299 usd

Smart Watch

Available at $79.99 .usd plus shipping and handling

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Smart Fans

Available at $9.99 .usd plus shipping and handling

4-6 Weeks Delivery

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Watch the future of Urban Tech

Eco-friendly Smart Tech That Have Plenty Of Juice To Get You Where You’re Going!

Scoot-E-Bike® Media 0:23

Watch some Scoot-E-Bike® footage of People riding and having Fun.

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Smart Watch Media 3:20

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route on Time.

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Smart Fan Media 6:45

Keeping cool all day on the go with Raytroniks® Smart fans on the go!.

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